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Payment Options


Visa Mastercard Cash Check

Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, Checks*, Cash.

*Must have a local ID for checks!

House Accounts

We also offer in house credit accounts. We bill monthly. The cut off date is the 25th of every month and payment must be received be the 10th of the following month to avoid finance charges. A credit application must be completed. The credit process usually takes 2-3 days, depending upon your references. We reserve the right to accept or DENY any credit application for any person or business. 

House Accounts

(NOTE: You don't actually receive

a Southern Paint credit card.)

Cash Accounts

We hold thousands of cash accounts. We highly recommend opening a cash account. This simply involves giving us the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • That's it!


WE WILL NOT SOLICIT YOU IN ANY WAY! The reason for the phone number is to give you a unique account number.

The benefits of having a cash account would be:

  • Your color history would be stored in our database forever! Searching for the color you painted the living room ten years ago would be a snap!
  • You will not need to have receipts for returns. Again, we have your history, so if you lose your receipt and need to return something, we have it.


  Click Here For Cash Account Registration Form


Delivery Schedule

Daytona Beach Location:

Morning Departure: 9:00am

Afternoon Departure: 1:00pm


Ormond Beach & New Smyrna Beach Locations:

Deliveries on an as needed basis.


Delivery Fee :

Local delivery is FREE! Yes FREE! However, if you require deliver outside Volusia County, a delivery charge may be be applied to your invoice.


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