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Glaze CoatFAMOWOOD Glaze Coat Pour-On High Gloss Epoxy Coating is an ultra-clear, high-gloss finishing epoxy ideal for home improvement and craft projects. Just one coat equals 60 coats of varnish.

Coat tables, clocks, game boards and furniture;  Imbed coins, rocks, sea shells, flowers or any non-waxy material; Preserve pictures, photographs, posters, signs and ceramics.


Works on: Wood; Cloth; Styrofoam; Metal; Paper; Sea Shells; Rock; Leather; Furniture; Decals; Masonry; Pine Cones; Oil Paintings; Tile; Bread Dough; Unfired Clay; Burls; Slab Wood

2-Part Easy to Mix Pour On
Glaze Coat Glaze Coat Glaze Coat


Our Specialty Items

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