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Thank you so much for visiting the SP Gallery. Our goal is to provide a platform, for both emerging and established local artist, to display and sell their work to the local community. Below you will find the necessary information for showing at the SP Gallery.

Acceptance Into The SP Galley


To ensure a well balanced, high-quality exhibition, Southern Paint reserves the right to accept or deny any artwork. Acceptance into the SP Galley is solely based on our discretion. No work accepted for the exhibition may be withdrawn prior to the closing of the exhibition. An exhibit may be terminated and/or individual works may be withdrawn from display at any time at the discretion of the SP Gallery. The SP Gallery reserves the right to exercise discretion with respect to public display of art.



The SP Gallery will require several forms and/or waivers signed and dated, including a Liability Waiver and submitted works form.

pdf Waivers

pdf Submitted Works Form

pdf Terms & Conditions 



We require a $100.00 (One Hundred Dollar), refundable deposit upon reservation which will cover you in the following ways.


In the event of a cancellation on your part, for any reason whatsoever, which will therefore leave the SP Gallery vacant, your deposit will be kept.

In the event your work is not removed on schedule, $50.00 will be deducted from your deposit for storage and handling.

Deposit Option

We will gladly use your deposit towards promotional efforts, such as newspaper ads, if you elect to do so. This option is highly recommended.

Deposit Return

Your deposit will be returned in check form within 30 days following the removal of your art, assuming all conditions have been met.

Drop-Off, Set-Up & Pick-Up

All artisits will be responsible for delivering their art to the SP Gallery during business hours, one business day prior to the scheduled exhibit start date and removing it one business day following the scheduled end date. Layout and organization of your exhibit must be approved by Southern Paint. Pick-up and drop-off of pieces can be arranged for a fee on an individual basis. 

 Storage Fee

A storage fee of $50.00 will be deducted from your deposit if you work is not removed on schedule. 

Artist Statement

You will be required to provide an artist's statement to display in the gallery during the showing. This should be professionally dry mounted to foam board or mat board and include a photo of you and the following information:

A brief history of you, including where you live and work.

The focus of your work.

The inspiration for your work.

The message of your work (Emotion, social or political influence, other significance).

Minimum Showing Block

You will be required to show for a minimum of 6 weeks and must not exceed 10 weeks. No work accepted for the exhibition may be withdrawn prior to the closing of the exhibition.

Minimum Pieces

To ensure an enjoyable, worthwhile experience for all of our patrons, we require a 12 piece minimum for any exhibition. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis if large pieces are in your collection.  

Sales & Commission

All transactions will be processed through Southern Paint where a local tax of 6.5% will be applied to each sales transaction. Within 30 days of show closing and after you art is picked up, you will receive a check for your combined sale less a commission of 25% and 30% for credit card transactions.

Delivery of Purchased Pieces

Southern Paint will arrange for local delivery of purchased pieces for a fee of $25.00 per piece.


SP Gallery does not sponsor exhibition opening receptions, but a reception can be negotiated with SP Gallery. A time can also be scheduled for a gallery talk.

Gallery Hours

The SP Gallery is open to Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm and Saturday 8am - Noon. Closed for all major holidays.  

Gallery Specifications

The main gallery space is 25' x 16' x 8 1/2' tall and is adjacent to our custom picture framing department where for over 50 years we've been framing fine art, family heirlooms, certificates, you name it. We have additional space in the actual framing department leading to the gallery which can be seen from our entrance to attract more viewers. The additional space consists of three walls with the following dimensions, 8 1/2' x 8', 3 1/2' x 8', and 4' x 8'. 


View images of the gallery below.


SP Art Gallery


This image is from our paint department as you enter one of the store's main entrances.

SP Art Gallery


Our Intro Wall! Sets the stage for the exhibit. Great visibility from paint department.


SP Art Gallery


Looking into the main gallery space from the paint department.

SP Art Gallery


Main gallery area, east & north walls.


SP Art Gallery


Main gallery area, north wall.

SP Art Gallery


Main gallery area, north & west walls.


SP Art Gallery


Two small walls as you exit the gallery for smaller pieces.


All works in above pictures by local artist, Margaret Schnebly Hodge.

What you get from Southern Paint

Since Southern Paint has been servicing Volusia County and the surrounding areas for over 50 years, the first thing you get from showing at Southern Paint is our constant stream of loyal customers from all walks of life. In addition to that we do the following:


  1. Prominent positioning on our website before and during the exhibition.
  2. You'll also have a permanent spot on our past exhibits section of our website.
  3. Promotion through our monthly statement mailers. This will reach 500-700 of our loyal customer base.
  4. In store signage, in all three of our stores, announcing the exhibit.
Any other promotion would be at the sole discretion of the SP Gallery.

What We Expect

The first and most important thing we expect is your support. As a family owned and operated, small business, local support plays an instrumental role in our survival. We offer a wide range of products and services including, paint, art supplies, picture framing, wallpaper, window treatments, concrete products, airbrush supplies, the list goes on. Your support is very much appreciated.

Furthermore, we would expect each artist to aggressively promote their exhibit as well as future exhibits held at the SP Gallery. We want people to see your art as much as you do and your own personal networking would help do just that. Print your own flyers to put in local business or place a small add in the paper, anything helps!


Interested in showing at the SP Gallery?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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