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Seal KreteFor over 25 years, Seal-Krete has been the professional’s choice in weatherproofing protection for concrete and masonry. Serving both professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers, Seal-Krete manufactures a full line of products developed for surface protection and beautification.



Check out below just a small handfull of products we carry in-stock from Seal Krete.

Seal Krete Original
Seal Krete Original

These sealers are formulated to protect vertical substrates from water penetration, provide aesthetic revitalization and prepare the substrate for painting. Unlike other waterproofing sealers, SEAL-KRETE Original and Heavy Duty do not provide beading, but instead let water fully release from the substrate via sheeting action. Both products leave breathable and flexible transparent films and are not recommended for use on horizontal substrates except as an undercoat, bonding primer for SEAL-KRETE texture coating applications.


 For above grade use on vertical surfaces: concrete, stucco, synthetic stucco, brick, plaster, masonite, drywall, galvanized metal, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, adobe, stone, wood fencing

10% solids

Water based, acrylic

Clear primer

Bond prep

Improves paint adhesion

Strengthens mortar joints

Reduces efflorescence

Binds chalky surfaces



Low VOCs

Interior / exterior use

Read label before use


Seal Krete Clear Seal (formerly Showroom Finish)
Seal Krete Clear Seal

Clear-Seal is developed to provide a high-gloss premium finish to painted, stained or bare concrete. Clear-Seal is durable, long-wearing, scratch-resistant, stain resistant, oil and gas-resistant, and it extends paint life. Clear-Seal also protects against moisture damage and enhances the natural color of brick, slate, stone, exposed aggregate, saltillo, clay pavers, and stamped concrete.

Ideal for floor surfaces including concrete, brick, slate, stone, clay pavers, satillo and stamped concrete


OTC Compliant

Applied with low pressure (garden) sprayer, brush or roller

Can be applied to painted and stained surfaces

Soap and water clean up

Seal Krete Multi-Surface Sealer


Multi-Surface Acrylic Water Repellent
Seal Krete Multi-Surface Acrylic Water Repellent

Multi-Surface acrylic water repellent is designed to provide protection for a variety of surfaces.  It’s an excellent dustproofer, resists oil stains, protects against damage from moisture penetration and road salts and has excellent “hot tire” mark release.


For exterior use

Vertical and horizontal surfaces – masonry, brick, stucco, concrete, pottery, stone, pressure-treated decks, plywood, precast-pavers, exposed aggregate, terrazzo, and chattahoochee

Protects against damage from moisture penetration

Excellent dustproofer

Resists oil stains



Seal Krete Epoxy Seal
Seal Krete Epoxy Seal

Seal-Krete® Epoxy-Seal is a ready-to-use, acrylic-epoxy blend formulated to resist hot tire pick-up, chemicals, oil, grease and gasoline stains. This epoxy-fortified formula dries to a durable, UV-resistant, satin finish that resists scuffing, peeling, blistering and fading. Epoxy-Seal is easy to maintain, making it perfect for both interior and exterior high-traffic areas including garage floors, driveways, shop floors, basements, pool decks, walkways, patios, porches and more.


Seal Krete Floor-Tex
Seal Krete Floor-Tex

Floor-Tex Contractor Grade is a waterborne, acrylic, textured coating designed to provide a non-slip, decorative finish to sidewalks, porches, patios, stairs, ramps, pool decks and more. Neutral in color, Floor-Tex 40 lb. can be mixed with any latex floor paint or porch/floor enamel (satin or semi-gloss) to achieve any color desired. Floor-Tex is primarily used on concrete, but can also be applied to other masonry surfaces, as well as wood stairs. It provides a durable, uniform coating that hides surface imperfections and enhances the overall appearance. Floor-Tex is self-priming, easy to apply and provides long-lasting UV, moisture, salt and chlorine resistance. Performance tested by paint professionals on commercial traffic applications, Floor-Tex outwears paint, stain and other conventional anti-skid coatings.


Seal Krete Clear Grip
Seal Krete Claer Grip

CLEAR GRIP (formerly Gator Hide) is a durable, micronized polymeric aggregate developed for use as an anti-skid additive to floor paint or sealers. Because it's a lightweight plastic grit, Clear Grip remains suspended longer. It adds a slight texture to the finish without changing colors. It has excellent resistance to chemicals and detergents and helps extend paint life. Clear Grip can be used in water-based, solvent-based alkyd, urethane or epoxy coatings.


Seal Krete MaxFill Maximum Expanding Sealant
Seal Krete MaxFill

Our maximum expanding formula, in the familiar green can, is the original Touch 'n Foam sealant formulated to fill gaps and voids all around the home. This super-expanding foam creates an airtight, weather-resistant bond that seals out drafts while blocking insects and other pests. MaxFill Foam Sealant is ideal for filling larger gaps and cracks. It can be used indoors or outdoors.


Made with RENEWABLE energy resources

Fills larger holes and gaps

Forms and airtight seal

Interior / exterior use

Paintable / sandable

Saves energy


Seal Krete Fire Break Flame Resistant Sealant
Seal Krete Fire Break

Other fireblock foams are available, but they merely meet minimum testing standards.  Touch ‘n Foam Firebreak is a flame-resistant all-purpose, Class 1 fire-retardant foam sealant that exceeds testing standards.    Firebreak is self-extinguishing and works by eliminating oxygen flow in service penetrations, where fire spreads most quickly.  Using Firebreak in these penetrations blocks air infiltration, which means fire will take longer to burn through to adjoining rooms, giving you valuable time to get to safety.


Meets UL 1715, UL94 V-O, ASTM 814 E-84

Approved Fireblock Penetration Sealant

Fills & Seals Service Penetrations

UL Tested / Class 1 Foam


Seal Krete Home Seal Minimum Expanding Sealant
Seal Krete FirHome Seal

Touch 'n Foam HomeSeal Minimum Expanding Sealant is an all-purpose foam that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.* This foam will not expand as much as the MaxFill expanding formula, so it's better suited for smaller cracks and voids. Use Touch 'n Foam HomeSeal to fill small gaps in walls, around exhaust vents, plumbing fixtures, baseboards, sill plates, siding edges, skylights, electrical outlet boxes** - wherever you need to control air leakage to prevent energy loss.


Ideal for smaller gaps and cracks

Blocks drafts, pests and insects

Cures fast, even in lower temperatures

Water resistant / fire retardant

Interior / exterior use

Paintable / sandableAll purpose formula


Seal Krete Easy Fill Latex Formula Sealant
Seal Krete Easy Fill

Touch 'n Foam EasyFill Foam Sealant is an easy-to-use acrylic insulating foam that can be cleaned up with soap and water. It provide adhesion to wood, drywall, plaster, metal and plastic – and it won't overexpand like ordinary polyurethane foam. Use EasyFill Foam Sealant to fill gaps and control drafts, dust and pests – especially around baseboards and plumbing fixtures. Touch 'n Foam EasyFill Foam Sealant can be tooled or molded (wet or dry) and accepts spackling or joint compound, making it ideal for patch and repair work.


Won't stick to hands – soap & water clean-up

Superior adhesion


Cures in less than 24 hours



Can be painted with latex or oil-based paint

Bright white

Won't overexpand


Seal Krete Landscape Exterior Filler/Adhesive
Seal Krete Landscape

Touch 'n Foam Landscape Filler-Adhesive is a black colored foam formulated to retain its dispensed color and blend naturally into the surrounding landscape, even when exposed to direct sunlight. It bonds quickly to porous or non-porous rock, stone, cement, wood and cloth and is ideal for replacing loose mortar in rock walls. Touch 'n Foam Landscape can also be used to direct water flow in pond or waterfall applications and it's safe for use around fish or plants.


Black foam blends into shadows

Won't discolor like conventional foam – no painting needed

Expands to fill gaps and voids

Easier and less expensive than mortar

Superior adhesion

Bonds with rock, stone, wood and most pond materials

Fills holes in trees to seal out pests

Replaces loose or damaged mortar in rock walls

Use as a craft foam for artificial plants


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