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Modern Masters Decorative Painter'sModern Masters Decorative Painter'sDecorative Painter's products are a must for the professional and serious amateur decorative painter who wants to create beautiful finishes using extraordinary, professional-grade, water based products. The term 'decorative painting' describes any finish that requires the painter/artist to manipulate glaze or paint with various tools to create an effect. These finishes include (but are not limited to) Wall Glazing/Broken Color, Faux Finishes, Painted Ornament, Stenciling and Trompe l'Oeil. 

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Decorative Painter's Product Line

Tintable Glaze (Scumble Glaze) 
Modern Masters

This translucent and durable water base glaze has a one-hour "open time," with optimum viscosity for maintaining textures on vertical surfaces. Use for any decorative paint/faux finish where universal tints (not paint) are used to color the glaze, such as Marbling, Wood Graining, Exotic Mineral, Bone, Hide and Overglazing. Clean up with soap and water. BUY NOW.


Dead Flat & Satin Varnish
Modern Masters

These premium quality, water base, non-yellowing varnishes have been formulated to have the optimum level of clarity with the least amount of sheen (Dead Flat) or low sheen (Satin). Use as a protective finish coat over decorative paint finishes to add durability and washability, and to remove undesirable variations in sheen level. Clean up with soap and water. INTERIOR ONLY. BUY NOW.


Extender for Latex Paint
Modern Masters

This water base product turns ordinary latex paint into a translucent, durable colored glaze with one hour "open time." Used primarily for "negative" broken color/wall glazing techniques such as: Frottage, Ragging, Dragging/Strié, Sponging, Colorwashing and any other glazing technique where more "open time" is needed to execute the effect.

The convenient 5-quart container allows for the addition of 1 quart of any color of flat latex paint. Just pour, stir, apply and manipulate. Multiple layers can be applied without removing the previous layer of cured glaze. Extender can also be added to Tintable Glaze and Varnishes for longer "open time." Clean up with soap and water.



China Crackle
Modern Masters

This water base 3-step-system creates the appearance of antique cracked oil varnish. The Base Coat and Top Coat will give a consistent, clear, finely cracked finish every time. The Enhancers (available in dark and light) will reveal the cracks once rubbed over the finished surface. Use on any painted surface (furniture, wooowork, trim, lamps, and any painted accessories) and over decorative work (glazing, découpage, gilding, painted ornament and stenciling). Clean up with soap and water.



Crackle for Latex Paint
Modern Masters

This clear, water base medium offers a consistent crack that works every time. Apply between two layers of latex paint to cause the top color to crack revealing glimpses of the base color, creating an antique look. Use Modern Masters® Metallic Paint Collection™ colors as a base coat for dramatic, shimmering cracks. Can also be used to crack Modern Masters® Venetian Plaster. Use on furniture, woodwork, trim, lamps and decorative accessories. Clean up with soap and water.




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