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Old Masters StainOld Masters StainOld Masters' products rank within the best available in the industry. Whether your project involves removing existing coatings and enhancing the wood underneath, or preserving, protecting and enriching new wood, there is a premium product that will suit your needs with a large array of colors and finishes to choose from.

Old Masters’ products come in 15 premixed colors and can also be custom matched to a color of your selection by Southern Paint’s expert color matchers. Visit Southern Paint’s stain department to see the entire line of Old Masters products, whether you are looking for a wood stain, clear finish, stain remover or wood care product, Southern Paint has the Old Masters product you are looking for.

Old Masters How-To and Techniques

Check out below just a small hand full of products we carry in-stock from Old Masters.

Old Masters Wood Graining Tool
Old Masters Graining Tool This tool offers the quickest and easiest method of creating a natural wooden appearance on any smooth surface, such as steel doors, file cabinets, etc. We recommend using Old Masters base colors and wiping stain for this process. No special skills are required and many patterns can be produced with this woodgraining tool.



Old Masters Pure 100% Tung Oil  
Old Masters Tung Oil Old Masters 100% Pure Tung Oil creates a beautiful, hand rubbed finish. Ideal for use on antiques, fine furniture or bare wood. This product provides a durable water and alcohol resistant oil finish. Tung Oil is formulated to be absorbed into wood, creating a finish that will not crack, chip or peel.



Old Masters Gel Stain  
Old Masters Gel Stain

Gel Stain is renowned for giving deep, bold beauty to both wood and non-porous surfaces, but it excels in its adhesion to fiberglass and plastic. The THICK 'n EZY formula offers superior color control for difficult applications in a spectrum of richly vibrant hues.



Old Masters Wiping Stain
Old Masters Wiping Stain

Wiping Stain is a rich, heavy-bodied, controllable masking stain that does not blotch on softwood or difficult to stain wood species. This easy to use stain, which allows 30 minutes of open time, is the best choice for staining over previously finished surfaces, woodgraining, faux finishing or antiquing over painted surfaces.




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