Ameron Industrial Coatings

Ameron Industrial CoatingsAmeron high-performance coatings are used today throughout the world in industries such as oil and gas production, refining, petrochemical processing, marine and offshore, fossil and nuclear power, pulp and paper, infrastructure maintenance, railroads, general manufacturing, and municipal water and wastewater treatment. Ameron high-performance coatings safeguard everything from North Sea oil rigs to the historic Peace Bridge that spans the Niagara River between Buffalo, N.Y., and Fort Erie, Ontario. They effectively protect steel and concrete from corrosion resulting from industrial and marine exposures.

While protecting steel and concrete, Ameron products are also formulated to safeguard the environment. Through intensive research, Ameron has developed proprietary coatings and processes that greatly reduce the use of chemicals potentially harmful to nature. The majority of Ameron International products are now "environmentally designed" with low-solvent, solvent-free and waterborne technologies that reduce the possibility of pollution and enhance workers' safety.



  • Ameron Industrial CoatingsExcellent gloss and color retention using automotive paste pigments.
  • Unsurpassed chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • Low odor, low VOC.
  • High solids (90%).
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Outperforms epoxy/urethane systems.
  • Surface tolerant.
  • Open recoat time. No sanding to topcoat with itself!
  • Brush, roll, or spray application, no thinning required.


Typical Applications

  • Ameron Industrial CoatingsStructural steel
  • Concrete walls and floors
  • Marine topsides and superstructures
  • Tank exteriors
  • Piping
  • Heavy equipment
  • Machinery
  • Manufactured products
  • Offshore platforms




Product Summary for PSX700

Description Engineered siloxane
End Uses Epoxy siloxane coating which replaces epoxy/aliphatic polyurethane system in one coat. Exceptional gloss retention, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. Low VOC. NFPA-Class A, USDA/FDA incidental food contact.
% Volume Solids 90
Recommended DFT 3 - 7 mils
PSX 700 Picture
Coverage 289@5 mils
Components 2
Mixing Ratio 4R : 1C
Pot Life @ 70°F 4 hrs
Dry-Through @ 90°F 3 hrs
Dry-Through @ 70°F 6.75 hrs
Dry-Through @ 50°F 8.5 hrs
Dry-Through @ 32°F 24 hrs
VOC 1.0

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Amerlock Sealer

  • Amerlock SealerDescription:
  • Two-Component, Penetrating Epoxy Sealer
  • Product code:
  •  Part A: AK-0A/03; Part B: AK-0B/03
  • Buy it Here

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