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ProSpecProSpec is manufactured by Bonsal American, one of the largest producers of packaged building material products in the United States. A division of Oldcastle Architectural Products Group, Bonsal American has over 100 years of experience in concrete and flooring products.

ProSpec’s line of concrete restoration and repair products includes a wide range of superior concrete products, including surface preparation products, construction grouts, repair products, primers, additives and special coatings to meet the demands of a wide range of construction applications.

The ProSpec name reflects Bonsal’s commitment to professionals throughout the construction industry including architects, specifiers, engineers and designers. ProSpec products are easily specified in divisions 3, 4, 7 and 9 of the Construction Specifier’s Institute (CSI). With ProSpec, rest assured you’re getting the highest quality concrete restoration and repair, tile and stone installation and flooring repair products along with outstanding customer and technical support from a team of professionals with extensive industry experience.

With a commitment to research and development, operations and technical support, ProSpec will continue to offer the finest products in the industry, superior products you can rely on to perform year in and year out. ProSpec—performance matters, trust us.



Check out below just a small hand full of products we carry in-stock from ProSpec.

ProSpec® Vinyl Concrete Patcher
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Vinyl Concrete Patcher is a single component, fast-setting, polymer-modified portland cement-based product for concrete repair.


pdf click for Vinyl Concrete Patcher Data Page 


ProSpec® Premium Patch 100
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Premium Patch 100 is a fast-setting, fiber-reinforced, high strength, cement-based mortar repair material designed for applications where high early strength gain is needed to reduce down time.


pdf click for Premium Patch 100 Data Page



ProSpec® Premium Patch 200
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Premium Patch 200 is a fast-setting, fiber-reinforced, polymer-modified, high-strength cement-based mortar repair material designed for applications where high early strength gain is needed to reduce down time.


pdf click for Premier Patch 200 Data Page



ProSpec® Magna 100
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Magna 100 is a rapid-setting, magnesium phosphate, cement-based concrete repair material. Magna 100 quickly develops high compressive strength and is suitable for use in extreme cold environments.


pdf click for Magna 100 Data Page


ProSpec® Metro Mix 240
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Metro Mix 240 is a super-plasticized, high-performance, ready-mix concrete mix.


pdf click for Metro Mix 240 Data Page


ProSpec® Metro Mix 240 AE
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Metro Mix 240 AE is an air-entrained, super-plasticized, high-performance, ready mix, concrete repair mix with corrosion inhibitor.


pdf click for Metro Mix 240 AE Data Page


ProSpec® V.O. Repair Mortar 
Pro Spec

ProSpec® V.O. Repair Mortar is a fast-setting, single-component, polymer-modified, non-sag, cementitious patch formulated for vertical and overhead concrete patch and repair applications.


pdf click here for VO Repair Mortar Data Page


ProSpec® Vertical Leveling Mortar
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Vertical Leveling Mortar is a one component polymer-modified, high strength, rapid hardening, portland cement-based concrete repair material designed for vertical and overhead patching and repair work.


pdf click for Vertical Leveling Mortar Data Page


ProSpec® RubCrete
Pro Spec

ProSpec® RubCrete is a non-gypsum, polymer-enhanced, one-component concrete resurfacing product for filling and smoothing interior and exterior vertical concrete and masonry surfaces.


pdf click for RubCrete Data Page


 ProSpec® Rebar Coat
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Rebar Coat is a premixed polymer-based primer with a corrosion inhibitor designed to protect steel reinforcement from oxidation.


pdf click for Rebar Coat Data Page


ProSpec® Sure-Coat
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Sure-Coat is a single component polymer-modified portland cement-based coating for dampproofing or waterproofing concrete and masonry. Designed to protect structures from moisture damage and dampness.


pdf click for Sure-Coat Data Page


ProSpec® Acrylic Additive  
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Acrylic Additive is an acrylic polymer emulsion used as an admixture for superior adhesion of cement-based products.


pdf click for Acrylic Additive Data Page


ProSpec® 118 Primer
Pro Spec

ProSpec® 118 Primer is a concentrated liquid copolymer used prior to the installation of cementitious toppings, underlayments, repair mortars and stuccos. It improves the bond strength between toppings and profiled substrates. 


pdf click for 118 Primer Data Page


ProSpec® Feather Edge
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Feather Edge is a trowelable, rapid-setting underlayment that results in a very smooth, ultra-thin finish applied over a wide array of subfloors.


pdf click for Feather Edge Data Page


ProSpec® CR Concrete Resurfacer
Pro Spec

ProSpec® CR is a polymer-modified, cement-based concrete resurfacing and rehabilitation product used for making old concrete look new again.


pdf click for CR Concrete Resurfacer Data Page


ProSpec® Level Set Wear Topping
Pro Spec

ProSpec® Level Set Wear Topping is a single component premium, high-strength, abrasion-resistant, self-leveling wear surface. 


pdf click for Level Set Wear Topping Data Page




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