FloodFlood Paint has an amazing assortment of specialty solvents and deck cleaners to help you with all of your exterior paint and stain projects. Southern Paint proudly carries the following flood specialty products.




Flood Penetrol:

Make paint projects flow more smoothly by using Penetrol with oil or alkyd paints. Penetrol reduces brush marks and leveling problems with the paint, and reduces fatigue and frustration with painting projects. Penetrol help your paint apply easily under a variety of weather conditions and does all this without cutting the paint like paint thinners. BUY QUARTS   BUY GALLONS

Flood Floetrol:

Floetrol improves the performance of latex paint and keeps projects flowing smoothly. It gives latex paint the feel of oil paint, without the clean-up hassles. Floetrol also reduces tip clogging and piston freeze-up with cup gun spraying. It makes latex paint spray like oil paint with approximately 20 percent less pressure, adding life to the pump.


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