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Color looks different under different light sources. If you've ever been picked colors in a paint store and did not test them under you light conditions, you've probably experianced this. The technical term for this is metamerism, the occurance of colors seemingly changing when viewed under different light sources. We highly recommend viewing colors in the actual space before purchasing your paint. Below are some examples of howw different colors can appear under different light conditions.

Notice below, the exact same space, with the exact same colors. The only difference is the LIGHT!

Direct Sunlight   Indirect Sunlight   Artificial Light
Direct Sunlight   Indirect Sunlight   Artificial Light
Considered the ideal light source, natural sunlight maintains a neutral balance between both the warm (yellow case) and cool (blue cast) ends of the light spectrum. Northern light is the coolest, while light from a southern exposure is the strongest. Here, direct sunlight provides the “truest” rendition of the colors in this room.
Natural sunlight is not consistent. It changes from sunrise, to noon, to late afternoon and dusk. The intense golden rays and subsequent distinct shadows of a sunny, late afternoon have a profound effect on the colors in this room.
The color rendition appears warm under incandescent and halogen lights, where reds and yellows are enhanced and blues and greens are culled. Under the cool cast of fluorescent lights, blues and greens are enhanced, while reds and yellows are muted.

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