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Strathmore's Greener Options in Fine Art Papers

Greener OptionsWind PowerWith Strathmore, you'll find a longstanding tradition of environmental stewardship. From pioneering the industry's first line of recycled artist papers, to the first line of artist papers manufactured with 100% certified renewable energy, they continue to develop the finest in eco-friendly products.


The windpower series represents Strathmore's commitment to paper performance and the environment. The products are manufactured with emission-free, wind generated electricity through the purchase of 100% certified renewable energy credits. What's more, they're certified by the non-profit Center of Resource Solutions based in San Francisco, CA.

Benefits of Wind Energy

  • Wind EnergyEmission-Free. Clean energy without the climate-changing carbon dioxide common in thermal and electric energy.
  • Renewable. No consumption of fossil fuel, a nonrenewable resource.
  • Abundant and Reliable. An affordable and available form of energy.
  • Conserves Natural Resources. Uses less than 5% of land where sited, minimizing habitat destruction and preserving open spaces

Bamboo Brush Vases by Yasutomo

YasutomoYasutomoYasutomoNot only do these brush vases by Yasutomo look great, they are made bamboo. Bamboo offers a sleek, clean, style while being a truly renewable natural resource. The all-natural vases can be used to hold brushes or any other items in the home, office, or art studio. They're not to be filled with water unless they were lined with a waterproof lining.

Bamboo Easels from Art Alternatives

Art AlternativesBamboo EaselThis silky-smooth, eco-friendly easel embodies form, function and beauty! Its smart design expands for use on any steady surface and folds up for easy transport. The expandable canvas supports extend to accommodate canvases up to 34" and folds to a compact, portable size of 16" x 14" 5". Clasps keep materials secured for transport and storage while the slender design folds into an attache-style case with an easy access side storage tray.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is a renewable natural resource.
The world's fastest growing plant, 3-4 feet per day.
Can be harvested without replanting.
Releases 35% more oxygen than trees.
Sequesters significantly more carbon dioxide than trees.
Extensive root system prevents soil erosion.


Our Eco-Friendly Products

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