Krud Kutter

Krud KutterAll Krud Kutter Products are 3rd party tested in compliance with GLP standards by Eurofins Product Safety Laboratories and are deemed biodegradable. Krud Kutter Products are well-known for being environmentally Preferable Products which means they have a lesser effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products.

Krud KutterKrud Kutter also practices sustainable manufacturing practices. Over 95% of Krud Kutter Products use absolutely no groups/secondary packaging and whenever possible, Krud Kutter captures waste material and uses it as Post-Industrial Material where it's incorporated back into the manufacturing process. Drums from raw materials are reused or sent back to the suppliers for refilling and all of their waste corrugate is sent off to be recycled.

The Krud Kutter facility is also energy efficient with a reflective roof coating on the warehouse roof to reduce radiant heat and energy consumption for cooling and lighting has been changed to high efficiency lighting to further reduce energy consumption.


Krud Kutter   Krud Kutter
Original   Gloss-Off
No other single product removes really tough stains as quickly and effectively from so many different surfaces!  BUY NOW.   Cleans & deglosses without sanding and improves adhesion of paint.  BUY NOW.



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