Hand Cleaners

Permatex Hand Cleaners

Permatex Hand Cleaner.

Cream formula waterless hand cleaner. Takes off many difficult to remove substances yet is gentle to hands. Does not leave a greasy feeling after use.

Cupran Special
Cupran Special

Cupran Special Hand Cleaner effectively removes finishes like lacquers, urethanes and any type of paint. It also works on adhesives and other gunk woodworkers are likely to get on their hands. Contains ground up walnut shells to ensure that no trace of grime is left behind. It's water soluble, so it won't damage your plumbing. Rinse off with plenty of water.

Goof Off Hand Cleaner

Goof Off Hand Cleaner

Clean your hands after painting, gardening, etc. This citrus based cleaner contains pumice to remove even the toughest grime.


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