SP Gallery Past Exhibits

August 2nd - September 17th

Penny Dawes


Past ExhibitsPast ExhibitsPast Exhibits

May 10 - July 24 2010

Ginnie Ungewitter

Past ExhibitsPast ExhibitsPast Exhibits

February 19 - April 2 2010

Dave Pine

Past ExhibitsPast ExhibitsPast Exhibits


East African inspired artwork from local artist and faux finisher, Dave Pine.

September 19 - November 27 2009

Connie Moitinho de Almedia

Past Exhibits"As far back as I can remember, I have always had a special interest in drawing and painting. However, even though I always felt great interest in arts, due to my work and family commitments, it was only in 2003 that I could start materializing my dream."

August 10 - September 18 2009

Beth Siudock

Past Exhibits"Being an artist has brought its multitude of blessings and curses. For awhile when I was in my twenties, the curses outweighed the blessings. In my current life, I believe right now the blessings have strengthened my art in many ways.

Anything can fuel my imagination and determination; once I get an idea, I have to go full force with it and finish it; it is an obsession."

June 19 - August 1 2009


Beth Garren

Past ExhibitsMy work focuses on the preservation of wonderment by compiling a visual narrative of the many mysteries that draw me in and resonate with something deeper inside myself.

I am inspired by the attempts of science to define and organize chaos and reveal universal truths, as well as the mythology that proceeded and shaped the way cultures perceived the natural world. I am also interested in the psychology of meaning that is placed onto certain objects and symbols.

When beginning a painting, I generally choose a character to represent a familiarity and a point of entry into moments and landscapes that takes shape organically and are reminiscent of a dream state. I often use bold and vivid colors to further distort this connection to reality.

My work has no implicit political or social commentary, but seeks to explore connections to the mysteries of life and maintain a sense of awe about the workings of the experience.

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April 6 - June 15 2009


Fred Samuelson

Past Exhibits"For me painting is a visual expression of an artist's thoughts and ideas, using physical images and subconscious thoughts to produce an impression in visual form. I usually work in a series, creating visual images relating to a single concept. I interpret my thoughts in a abstract manner relating to the essence of that theme."


February 1 - April 1 2009


Margaret Schnebly Hodge

Past Exhibits"My current art, which is my response to life's current flux, and the final image are a direct result of allowing flux to occur during the creative process." M.S Hodge






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